Happy New Year High Road Family!

by Les Sweidan on Mar 09, 2023

Happy New Year High Road Family!

With the summer days flying by, gather around the table with your favourite bottle of The High Road and those you love. Then, slip back into summer with delectable sharing platters perfect for your weekend or picnic. We've got the top tips to create a sharing platter that even the most demanding guests will love. 

We all have that cupboard filled with knickknack bowls, and now it's time to let them shine. Choose your favourite preserves, olive oils and vinegar and place these on your serving platter. 

If you love our Cabernet Sauvignon 2020, then a gorgeous gruyere or a stilton cheese allows the dark fruit notes of the wine to shine. Easy to drink, and everyone will love this choice of wine. 

Perhaps you're more of a fan of Brie; then our merlot-led Classique 2018 is the wine you need to complete your spread. With a gentle full mouthfeel, this is a firm favourite for those who love The High Road. 

For our Director's Reserve 2018, an aged cheddar works best, matching the intensity of both wine and cheese. 

Support your local deli and shop for fresh bread, crunchy breadsticks and some fresh produce to complete your spread.

Dried fruit, grapes, berries, carrots and celery sticks are all excellent fresh additions to the richness and intensity of your choice of cheese and wine. 

Go on, Celebrate summer with The High Road.