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the high road accolades
the high road accolades

French Oak

It would be quite unthinkable for Bordeaux devotees to use anything less than the finest French oak barrels for the maturation of our noble blends.

In the ancient forests of France, oak trees grow slowly in the cool climate. This lets the wood develop the tight grain that our winemaker prefers – both for the optimum transfer rate of oxygen and the exchange of flavour nuances.

With deft skill acquired over generations, French coopers hand-craft the centuries-old wood – shaping, seasoning, sorting and assembling the staves to produce the barrels. The inside of the barrels are then medium toasted.

The tannins and bouquets derived from these amazingly well crafted barrels add to the complexity of our wines and transition smoothly onto the palate; chocolate, mocha and cigar box notes are all derived from the French oak.

The influence the wood imparts to the maturing wine is subtle and spicy. This, and the skills of our winemaker, account for our wines’ signature complexity and elegance.

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